We believe that every home is special, and should be decorated with love and care. Often, many homeowners lack the time or resource to make their homes a unique reflection of themselves. By calling in a professional interior redesigner, that special home is one step closer.

From Interior Redesign to Real Estate Staging to Construction Design and Professional Organizing, we aim to provide our clients with the assistance they need to fulfill their own personal home style. Sometimes it just takes a fresh eye to make things happen with the same old things!


INTERIOR REDESIGN (One Day Room Makeover)

Interior Redesign
Interior Redesign is the art of working with the things that you already own to transform your home. This is accomplished by skillfully rearranging your furniture, accessories, artwork and treasures with consideration for the architectural layout, use and functional purpose of the room. This will result in a warm and inviting space that reflects your taste and personality.

A redesign consultation is scheduled so that we can become more familiar with your personal style. We will discuss the function and purpose of the space you are considering, and take special note of your redesign requirements. We’ll also request to see the rest of your home, to learn more about your personal style and to “shop” your home for available redesign accessories.


Real Estate Staging
You’ll never get a second chance to make a first property impression! Create the ultimate first impression for that perspective buyer by staging your home. “Staging” is the skill of returning a property to its model home beginnings. This is accomplished by depersonalizing rooms, removing any clutter and rearranging the furniture and accessories to showcase architectural features. Should the need arise; we can also help by providing furniture and accessories on a rental basis.

The purpose of this meeting is to review what’s needed for your home to successfully move on the market. We will start at the curb, continue through your home room by room, and then venture out to the backyard. After the consultation, we will provide you with a comprehensive checklist of “things to do” in order to make your home the most marketable in the area. Should you desire, we can assist you with some of the checklist items, or refer you to our approved contractors, painters, cleaners, etc.

Open House Staging
Arriving on the day of your open house, we will help you set the stage for a successful showing. Last-minute touches and a bit of finesse can make all the difference.


Pre Construction Design Assistance
Before starting any construction project, it’s always a good idea to have a professional there to assist with the choice of materials and fittings. Whether you need help designing an entirely new interior space (from floor coverings to window treatments) or just need assistance with choosing electrical and plumbing fixtures, VGA Designs can assist you with your construction design needs.

Post Construction Redesign
Once construction is complete and you are ready to decorate the new space, let VGA Designs arrange your furniture, furnishings, artwork and plants for you. VGA Designs can also recommend future purchases to enhance and complete your environment.


Is clutter cramping your style? Is your living space crowded with chaos? Let VGA Designs tame that turmoil and turn your entire house, kitchen, closet, garage, basement, attic, home office or even business, into a tranquil and organized place.


Nothing transforms a room like color. It is the fastest and least expensive way to make an impact on your home.

VGA Designs will find the right color scheme to achieve a harmonious flow throughout your home.


Moving from a larger home, with an accumulation of lifetime treasurers, to a smaller more efficient space, can be a daunting exercise for any elderly family member. Fortunately, there are many ways that VGA Designs can help. Whether on your behalf, or to help a beloved relative, we can assist with choosing what to take, how best to transport it, and then arrange everything in the new space. We can also assist with staging the existing home, for a quick sale.


Whether it’s a themed baby room for that new arrival, or a room redesign to transition them to their toddler years, there’s just never enough time in the day when you’re a parent.

VGA Designs can help you with all your Kid’s Room Makeover needs.


One of the most important transitions in a family home is moving out of college-bound children. What do we do with their room? Will they be comfortable in their college dorm? At VGA Designs we can assist with all your “Dorm Room Dilemmas,” and help with the redesign of that empty nest. We will accommodate your teenager’s personal design tastes, while offering solutions to keep them organized and on track.


Is your busy schedule forcing you to place your décor shopping plans on hold? Do you have difficulty finding that perfect piece of furniture or accessory? Allow VGA Designs to find that design element which will complete your home. Through our vast furniture and textile resources, we will take the hassle out of shopping…by doing it for you.


It seems like we’re all too busy with holiday details to find the time to decorate. Let VGA Designs take your worries away and create a holiday design you’re family and friends will envy. Throwing a party can be exhausting. There is so much to do - from the guest list to the food. There’s no need to be out of energy by the time your company arrives. Let VGA Designs assist you with designing a theme for your special event, design tablescapes and decorate your home.


Surprise a friend or family member with the gift of a beautiful home - a gift certificate in any amount and for any of our VGA Designs' services. A gift certificate is the perfect gesture for any occasion. Let them “Come Home to Style.”

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